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Read on for tips on how to maximize your small bedroom with design, decor, and layout inspiration, complete with expert insights from Max. The designer also suggests placing the bed in the center of the main wall, rather than pushing one side up against the adjacent wall. Painting a room a charcoal gray or navy blue or olive green can be chic and sexy.

Catherine Kwong installed sconces above the nightstands in this San Francisco bedroom. Whether you go for a moody hue or stick to a crisp pale shade, adding plenty of light sources is key to keeping the room from feeling dark and claustrophobic. Black-and-white always worksm and can be a good foundation—like in a patterned area rug—to layer in some color.

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I think everyone would be a little happier if they had some pops of color in their bedrooms. Another one of our favorite small bedroom ideas is to create the illusion of space. Max advocates mixing it up when it comes to scale.

Defining J-Horror: The erotic, grotesque 'nonsense' of Edogawa Rampo

In a Silicon Valley bedroom, interior designer Dan Fink added a touch of life to an otherwise quite neutral room with a potted ornamental cabbage. Plants can make a stuffy room feel fresh, too. Between the hours of midnight and 7 a.


The rest of the time, arrange the pillows against the wall so it becomes a makeshift daybed for lounging and working on your laptop. If you happen to have some room, a small-scale coffee table makes this setup even more convincing. The lamp in Matthew Stewart's bedroom used to belong to his grandparents, but it still looks good and works great too.

Just say no to table lamps and floor lamps. We know, this is turning into a Marie Kondo expedition, but those light fixtures are only going to take up the tiny bit of floor space you do have.

Aya de Leon | author – activist – faculty – mom

Instead, choose a space-saving sconce to hang on the wall above your bed, ideally one with a swinging arm that can be adjusted to direct light downward for reading or into the rest of the room for dance parties, et cetera. The invisible feature not only prevents rolling out of bed but it also makes the little sleeping space feel open and airy. If you're looking for a loft bed idea that won't upstage the living room directly below, consider keeping your elevated bedroom out of sight with a bookshelf railing. Just remember to stash the ladder before guests come over.

It's hard to catch some z's when your indoor air feels stale and stuffy. There are at least a bazillion OK, dozens of tutorials online that show frugal DIYers how to build a sturdy loft bed on the cheap with lumber. Unfortunately, if you prefer something more Scandinavian looking, beds like these are certainly more clunky than chic. Luckily, a coat of white paint, as shown, will instantly prettify ugly. We love a good IKEA hack , don't you?

As we mentioned earlier, a loft bed doesn't have to be nearly ceiling high. This one is around 42 inches tall. We love how this idea puts the small alcove to excellent use. Your studio apartment can double as an office suited for face-to-face meetings with clients with this one-of-a-kind loft bed idea.

But, if you're wondering where all the personal stuff, like clothing and shoes, are kept in this place, listen up. Set your eyes on the shelving unit with casters behind the computer. When it's rolled out, it reveals another storage unit. A built-in loft bed usually appears less obtrusive than a free-standing one in a fun-size living room. We also appreciate the sliding ladder that can be moved with a touch of a finger when needed. Here's another faux built-in loft bed. See the clothing that's hanging? Take away the ladder, and the loft bed in this two-toned apartment seemingly disappears.

"Erotic Stories" Good wife gives some help this morning

To pull this off at home, paint the ceiling, loft bed and the upper portion of your walls the same dark color. Next, deck out your mattress with bedding in the same hue.

Charles Irby and Peter Suen designed a loft bed system that adds tons of function to this teensy condo. The small space below is where the magic happens. Using transforming furniture built into the unit's walls the tiny room can turn into an office, second bedroom, or walk-in closet. Chic hotels are going loft bed crazy. The self-described homey hotel whose motto is, "small is beautiful," uses square mesh netting around the outer edge of their loft beds to keep sleeping beauties from falling off.

We like that there's a small shelving unit for keeping nighttime necessities like a good book and that all-important glass of water. There's also a plug-in pendant light for nighttime reading. This loft bed, created by German designer Nils Holger Moorman, may be the hardest working one on the planet.

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It's called Kammerspiel, and it's brimming with storage solutions and even furniture like a small sofa. The faux built-in was created using two large free-standing closets and MDF board. The soothing color makes the entire space feel dreamy. Here's a new twist on the free-standing loft bed. This two-in-one solution combines a nest for sleeping with a rolling sofa. Stuffed closet?

Packed dresser? This low-profile loft bed would make any small space dweller starved for storage rejoice. Underneath is an abundance of built-in drawers and spacious cabinets. Continue to 2 of 26 below. The Best Bed for Studio Apartments. Continue to 3 of 26 below. Turn a Loft Bed Into a Bedroom. Here are a few ideas worth stealing from this elevated nook. Continue to 4 of 26 below. Continue to 5 of 26 below. Continue to 6 of 26 below.

Under Stairs Storage. Continue to 7 of 26 below. Low Loft Beds Are a Thing. Continue to 8 of 26 below. Loft Bed Lighting.